Here is my collection of utterly random things that I find fascinating or amusing in a geeky sort of way. - String theory explained for those of us without huge brains - Just an amazing web site. Culture, media, free stuff with a brain

Stardust@home - How's your power of observation? Help to find matter from outside this solar system from the comfort of your own computer. Freakishly addictive and actually useful.

The Sounds of Cylons - a must-see for the fans
The Sounds of Cylons - Of course ;)

Project Gutenberg - Hey, free books!

Watch space documentaries (and other subjects) free online.

The Onion - America's Finest News Source?

Well, there's my Christmas shopping done :) Who wouldn't love a Star Trek tricorder?

This is fun. Works like a whiteboard online. Free, too!

Nifty site to check your writing for errors, cliche, overuse, even plagiarism. ProWritingAid

Here is one for the script writers among us. Writing for Theater and Film. (Thanks Brooklyn!)

Public domain music Great resource for making video files.

Ever wonder what sound snails make? Wonder no more! Visit

Live Science - Never stop learning

Yay! Get two free audio books for giving Audible a try! - Question everything

David Gaughran's treasure trove of book marketing info.
My fellow authors
Patty Jansen
Edward W. Robertson
Duane Gundrum
Samuel Peralta
E. E. Giorgi
David Gatewood, editor for my Little Blue

Star Wars sunscreen
Star Wars accordion sunshade for your car (Amazon). Awesome :)

Interactive anatomy site. Nicely done.

edX Free courses offered by top international universities.

This site not only translates, it's a fairly good text-to-speech reader.

Make your own infographics.

One of my favorite blogs about writing. Anne R. Allen.

Oh, yes, almost forgot this brillian post by my writer-pal Susal Kaye Quinn about how to brainstorm a new story.

Exploding Kittens. For when you're tired of Scrabble.
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