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Captain Nova Whiteside receives new technology designed to change the dynamics of the Commonwealth wars. Enemy factions conspire and so Nova finds herself aboard a rebel ship where her value as hostage isn't nearly as great as her value as a defector.

Also suspected of collaboration, her Delphian Vanguard partner Tychon sets out to track her down. He discovers a puzzling piece of Nova's past when a motley alliance of strangers comes to his aid and their search leads him deep into rebel territory.

When the full consequences of the rebels' ambitions become clear, far removed from the intervention of Air Command, Tychon and Nova are forced to consider the unthinkable.

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"This story is warm and rich with all the human frailties of true life. Nova continues to be an inspiration by making the best of her situation and developing the people and resources around her to come out on top. She is a female juggernaut, and doesn't let anything get her down."

"This book is hard to put down once you start reading it. I can't wait to see what happens next!!"

"I love good space opera and "Rebel Alliances" is just the ticket. Handsome males, accomplished females (who happen to be beautiful), interspecies sex (whoohoo), telepathy, new and dangerous weapons, danger, intrigue, betrayal... and wormholes!" (Library Thing review)

"Rebel Alliances is my favourite of the series. It was a hard choice since I really enjoyed 'Only Human' and 'The Catalyst,' but the characters have evolved and the story is richer. The ending has also left me with a hope that there may be a fourth in the series, so I'm just biding my time until then. I definitely recommend giving this book a read!"

About Rebel Alliances

This is the third book of the Targon Tales series although, like the others, it is a complete story that does not necessarily need to be read in the order of publication.

This story looks at the sometimes blurred lines between the Union "good guys" and the "evil" rebels to show that everyone has a point of view and that most people, no matter how reprehensive their actions, don't consider themselves to be "bad guys". What ends justify the means? Is it the size of the gun that determines the fate of an enemy?

2014 Finalist
Finalist at the 2014 eFestival of Words

Although a piece of technology and the logistics of sub-space travel feature prominently, this story, like the others in the series, is about people. Nova, whose people skills aren't exactly at diplomat levels, needs to deal with devious and dangerous rebels while mentoring a Delphian adolescent. Tychon is thrown together with people whom he might never have had to deal with if not for Nova's pesky need for adventure.

Of course, the adventure takes us into strange new places, with bullets flying, lasers beaming, rocks being thrown and boots getting soggy. Come along for the ride!

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