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It's been a millennium since the migration from Earth. A powerful, puzzling substance found on a distant planet and its moons has given rise to a new breed of human.

Two Homeworld agents, brothers Galen and Chor, are sent to the moon to rescue a young woman who is being hunted as a renegade by a primitive society. But their simple assignment turns into a fight for survival when they oppose the will of their own ruthless leader. And soon not only the mysterious exiles living on the second moon but also their own people have taken up the chase.

Aletha is the key when the brothers must choose between the destruction of one civilization and the future of the Homeworld. What sacrifice are they willing to make to escape the violent passion that threatens to destroy all of them?

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"The book is a must read for any Sci-Fi enthusisast. The book flows well and has suprising twist, turns, and tosses in a little love which gives you a great relaxing read."

"Chris Reher is an extremely talented author and the way she writes is captivating... This book is really a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi and the way Reher explains magic in an almost scientific way is unique... One of those books that I couldn't wait to finish and at the same time didn't want to end."

"I've read 2 other books by Chris Reher, and I have not yet been disappointed. I love the characters, the plot is intriguing, and the story moves along fast."

About Flight To Exile

This story was originally released in 2012 as "The Gods of Chenoweth". But not only is that title too long for my liking, it also confused readers and genre classification. So, here's a new title and new cover, hopefully to everyone's liking.

Humans have settled on a distant planet in the distant future and, over the course of about a thousand years, have evolved to take advantage of a natural element that exudes from the planet and its two moons. It affect the brain physiology of those exposed to it; some more than others.

The story, an adventure with a bit of mystery and romance tossed into the mix, is very much about how this element affects not only the physical makeup of these humans, but also how it has shaped their politics and religions.

Fundamentally, however, it is about abuse and misuse. Abuse of power and authority foremost, but it is also abuse of nature, trust and friendship as much as it is about physical and mental abuse. When, and under what circumstances, can and must these abuses be avenged, and when and how must they be foregiven?

Oh, yes, there are pirates!

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