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Ships are disappearing in subspace. Traders, rebels, pirates, and even military vessels are losing their way in the Big Nothing that makes space travel possible. Deep-cover agent Sethran Kada joins the investigation after his own navigator, Ciela, barely escapes the void with her mind intact. It soon becomes clear that this subspace trap is more than some natural phenomenon.

Seth's search for answers leads him to a brutal penal colony on the brink of revolt, and uncovers a plot to destroy an entire planet. When evidence points to the return of the dangerous subspace entities known as Dyads, Air Command mobilizes to annihilate the threat at any cost.

Seth and Ciela pursue a Dyad who has infiltrated a key research complex where they discover that the inexorable subspace peril will not just threaten a single planet. It will mean the end of interstellar travel and destroy their Commonwealth civilization.

Entropy's End is a complete stand-alone story. Chronologically, it takes place about a year or so after Terminus Shift and continues a story concept from Quantum Tangle.

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Review snippets

"I really enjoy Chris Reher's novels but there is something about the Sethran Kada series that I just can't get enough of. This latest tail has it all."

"The fictional world of Chris Reher gets richer with every new novel it seems. Her latest Targon Tales novel, featuring Sethran Kada, is a delightfully complete story, filled with wonders that just slide right into the reader's imagination."

" I think these books would make a GREAT SciFi Movie!"

"Action combines with daring, humor, and romance in the latest Targon Tale with results just as rewarding as in predecessors.

About Entropy's End

After completing Terminus Shift, I found that I wasn't quite ready to leave the Dyads, who appeared previously in Quantum Tangle. And so, for Sethran Kada's third adventure, I decided to take another look at the species. (Well, and I really rather like Seth, so here he is again)

Like the other Targon Tales stories, this one continues the main characters' challenge to hang on to their values while neither of the two sides of a seemingly endless military struggle seems to care much about the ethics involved. And so, while pursuing their objectives, they circumvent the rule of law, depending on whose turf they currently find themselves.

Sometimes a reader will point out that it's not clear exactly who the good guys are supposed to be. To that I say: Exactly!

For Entropy's End I chose a measurement of thermodynamics as common as a melting ice cube (which is also a phase shift - more on that later). It's used to describe the transition from order to disorder. Organization into chaos. Empty a box of toothpicks on the floor and watch entropy in action. (It's also a very cool word, I think.) The sci in this sci-fi is about decreasing entropy. You can pick up the toothpicks, but what if they're in another room you can't enter? Clearly, the concept extends beyond thermodynamics to social entropy and even economic, biological and all sorts of other measurable concepts.

Here are some links that discuss, in a non-fiction sort of way, some of the concepts appearing in Entropy's End
What is entropy? Very cool video.
Why not thorium? Indeed.
And what's a graviton?
Interesting thoughts about neural implants by Ray Kurzweil.
Entanglement and wormholes and gravity oh my!

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