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An immense asteroid field is on its way to deliver a torrent of pathogens into this galactic sector, guaranteeing the destruction of any civilization in its path.

Cyann, astrobiologist and Human-Delphian hybrid, is eager to join the research expedition dispatched to investigate.

Before they depart, she is called upon by the secretive members of a Delphian sect who believe that the elusive Tughan Wai, a supernatural creature of their own making, plays a part in this calamity. Her own genes hold the key to finding the Tughan and so she and her teammates are sent on a separate, secret mission to the outer rim.

She is not prepared when they are stranded among an alien species whose motivations are enigmatic at best. It seems that nothing can be done to stop the lethal asteroid as it barrels into a densely populated region. The mighty Tughan is not their salvation and so Cyann is forced to draw upon the mental aptitudes of her father's people and the intrepid resolve of the Humans to find her purpose in this fight for survival.

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"Thank you, very much, Reher, for answering my prayers....err...I mean hopes! You've written another great piece for this series, and like the ones before, it was an engrossing and pleasurable read."

"The characters meld beautifully, and live in your mind. The gamut of emotion is a wild ride through the story and the dialogue real. There were times I laughed and times I teared up. The book is well edited and the plot is tight. My favorite part of the book though? The science. Just enough reality seeped in to make it seem plausible and given just enough kick to make it futuristic and new. It didn't feel stilted or manual-like, just part of what was happening for an exciting read."

"I've read the book in almost one sitting! Or, better I devoured it! It was just like watching a Star Treck movie: thrilling!" (

About Delphi Promised

Chronologically speaking, Delphi Promised is the final book in the Targon Tales series. Technically. But maybe not. I have had so many wonderful reader comments about these books and especially Nova Whiteside that I will be adding some additional stories. So stay tuned!

Although my intention is to make sure each of these books is a complete stand-alone story, some of you will know that a few themes run through the series. This story seeks to tie up a few threads left hanging in Only Human and Rebel Alliances. We get to see Cyann all grown up and taking center stage in the quest to find Kiran, her long-lost half brother. She's struggling a bit with being Trans-Targon's only Human-Delphian hybrid. Is Tychon still at odds with the Shantirate? Will we finally find out why Humans are related to Centauri?

I wanted to take another look at the Delphian mind and how those folks use their abilities. What are the drawbacks? How did the Shantirs affect Kiran's mind and to what end?

Oh, yes, Jovan is there, too.

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