It was a dark and stormy night...

Seriously, I was born on a dark and stormy night, so I'm sticking with that. It was in Germany, long ago, but since then I've moved to Canada, which is actually a very nice place to be. And not nearly as cold and snowy as people believe. At least not in these parts.

Although technically residing on planet Earth (which, in the general and interplanetary scheme of things could REALLY use a catchier name, if you ask me. I mean, imagine heading past Proxima Centauri and someone asks you whence you came and you tell them "dirt". All theological implications aside, that just won't do.)

My first full-length work of fiction, a fantasy (which, I just realized, takes place on a planet that doesn't have a name at all), is Flight To Exile. It's a little darker than my Space Opera but includes an antagonist I really rather like.

For the Targon Tales series, I headed out far beyond Proxima Centauri and found a nifty story that soon turned into a Space Opera complete with worm holes and improbable laser guns. What fun. (Current) laws of physics need not apply if you find a way to explain them away. The first book struck a note with my readers and so I created a prequel for it, The Catalyst and then a prequel for the prequel with Sky Hunter. That happened mostly because readers wanted to know more about Nova, the main character. There is just so much to do out in Trans-Targon! So now there are a total of five books in the main series, which can really be read in any order, although I've numbered them chronologically as some themes continue throughout.

Turned out that one of the characters in Nova's life became a reader favorite and so now we have a spin-off series just for Sethran Kada, Union agent and sometime rebel sympthizer who pretty much plays by his own rules. He first appeared in The Catalyst and in Rebel Alliances and now stars in Quantum Tangle, Terminus Shift and Entropy's End.

When not finding ways to torture my subjects or entice them with inter-species hanky-panky, I design web sites or write about designing web sites. I enjoy long walks on the beach or, given the local beach shortage, write about beaches far beyond Proxima Centauri.

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